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drug abuse

             Illegal and unfair use of Social Services.
             Drug abuse is the excessive use of any legal or illegal drugs. The number of drug addicts increases drastically every year. People, if they are not stealing, robbing or killing, are using government money to support their drug habit. The guess is that nothing is being done, or that there is no solution to the problem. The truth is that there are alternatives to solving the problem, but the issue is not stressed as it should be. .
             There are many different types of drugs, but in America, the three main types are alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. Alcohol, a depressant, is the spirituous or intoxicating element of fermented or distilled liquors, or more loosely a liquid containing it in considerable quantity. It is extracted by simple distillation from various vegetable juices and infusions of a saccharine nature, which have undergone vinous fermentation. Marijuana is a preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten. Cocaine, a colorless or white crystalline alkaloid, is extracted from coca leaves and widely used as an illicit drug. Both marijuana and cocaine are used for their euphoric and stimulating effects. .
             One reason for drug abuse is the environment. There is a saying, "If you take a clean sock, and put it in a basket of dirty socks, the clean sock will become dirty". So it is with people. People are greatly influenced by their environment. They adapt to their surroundings; whether positively of negatively. Some people use drugs as "problem solvers". Some people cannot handle emotional stress, and therefore use drugs to enlighten their mood. They think that by being intoxicated, the problem can be by-passed, and the emotional pain diminishes. They also by-pass the reality that the "solution" is only temporary. At the end of the day, the problem doesn't come back to the person, but the person actually comes back to reality.

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