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NASA and the Journey to Space

            What do you think of when you think of space travel or even getting into space? Most people might respond by saying something about NASA, astronauts, rockets and large space shuttles. Enthusiasts might reference science fiction novels in which propulsion drives easily lift huge spaceships from earth or some distant planet's surface to outer space. The more extreme person might say something about Starwars, Star Trek or any other science fiction movie, quoting the hyper-drive this or quantum flux generator that or some other type of made up drive name. Scientific people might think of Einstein's relativity theory on worm travel through black holes, or the next level in speed. What you probably would not hear anything about would be a space elevator that links the earth to outer space as a means for conveying people, supplies and other resources to and from space. Elevators that are connected to large platforms that house new types of space stations that could serve as new launch pads for space exploration. .
             Getting into space is hard, not many people can, NASA blasts up into space at speeds of 17,500 mph, but imagine riding an elevator up to space, that could carry you and others. A recent contest held by NASA in a search for a means of cheap effective conveyance from earth to space had many participants, but of the participants none made a bigger impact then LaserMotive did. Their research behind laser energy elevators closed a crucial gap setting the standard for the future of space elevator technology. LaserMotive has pioneered the first laser propelled lift to climb and meet standards set by NASA and in doing so won a nine hundred thousand dollar award. LaserMotive's work made the idea of space elevators a plausible and future means of travel to and from space. Right now LaserMotive's elevators are capable of propelling themselves up a cable with nothing but laser energy from a beam transmitted by a ground unit.

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