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Space Hoax

            In July of 1969, the United States launched Apollo 11 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. During the 1970's, many people thought that Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon was a hoax, only to become one step ahead of the Russians in the "space race." I believe that there is evidence that exists to back up the journey that took place.
             As NASA reported, it took 4 days for Apollo to reach the moon. There are pictures from NASA of the lunar horizon and pictures of the command module that reinforce the trip to the moon. I think that these pictures may be compared to the pictures of today and see that they are not off of a Hollywood set as some people believe. Another piece of evidence that may be used are the footsteps left on the moon in the lunar soil. These impressions will last for millions of years and at the time were used as a study on lunar dust. A third piece of evidence that I would use to prove that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969 are the moon rocks that he brought back to Earth. I am sure that scientists have run extensive testing on these rocks to show that they were not found on the Earth. This would serve as confirmation to the landing on the moon. Russia, China, East Germany and other cold-war enemies of the USA closely monitored the lunar missions. It was easy to tell whether the Apollo radio signals were coming from the direction of the Moon, and whether the time delays in conversation matched the distance the signals had to travel. If anything had seemed wrong, surely these unfriendly countries would have loudly shouted to the world that the USA was pulling a hoax! Yet none of them ever questioned NASA's accomplishment. I personally find that they would be the first to argue and to not believe that this mission was complete. .
             Lastly, I believe that it would have been more time consuming to fake the trip to the moon that to arrive there. It would be very challenging to fool scientists of all nationalities that have received the moon rocks, especially with the extensive research capabilities that are available today.

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