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Business Ethics and Theories

            In the commerce world, ethics has considered as a big issue to any businesses. As a customer, we will always expected to receipt the best quality goods and services in the condition of un-harmful to environment. Also, as employees, we will most likely to expect a happy working environment where we are not treating like a tool in purpose of making profit to power groups. Unfortunately, we are living in the capitalism system – where production is a big factor of the system to survive – and life becomes industrial modernization. Firms' main goal is to make profit as much as possible to maintain their business. Thus, there are number of firms forget – or not even considering – about ethical behavior in the. In this report, I would like to discus deeply about the aspect of moral and immoral action in business world. .
             Over the last decade, there are number of reports about the ethical of doing business send to companies, and even the most popular brand will have to face with this issues. For example, Coca Cola is considering as one of the biggest organization in soft drink industry. After the century of Coke, they introduce the brand new soft drink with the same taste and name as Coca Cola C2, which is aimed at casual-dieter customer. The fact that Coca Cola is an excellent company in marketing the product and challenging it with the market, they created a good image about the product in the delusion of customer (Collegetermpapers.com, n.d.). According to the company, C2 contain of better nutrition than the traditional one but there are still many report critical discuss about this in ethical way. The secret of making Coke and illusion of its ingredient never satisfies who hardly care about the wealth being of humanity – even the information getting discover gradually. A news report about "Coca Cola's surprising effecting on body' by Nelly states that ' after you finish drinking a can of Coca-Cola, you have what amounts to approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar in your body unlike fat from food, it is very difficult to get rid of This causes your blood pressure and your heart rate to go up' (Thought Pursuits, 2014).

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