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Business ethics

             In my opinion affirmative action is not necessary in the workplace anymore. The idea of hiring and firing people in regard to race, gender, or ethnicity is obsolete. In today's society the most qualified people get the jobs in most situations because people are looking to have the most qualified person to run their business. People no longer care of a person's background because they feel that everyone is getting the same opportunities from an educational and social standpoint. Another reason that affirmative action should end is because it is also being used as an excuse for minorities to get jobs and also lose them. It is not fair to those qualified minorities to have to second guess why they received the job in the first place. This is degrading to those minorities that have worked hard to get the jobs that they deserve. The bottom line is that owners of businesses and those in high ranking positions are going to hire the most qualified person to do the job without regard to race, gender, or ethnicity. .
             Response to Part B.
             I agree that the 40 year old U.S. policy of trade sanctions, pressure, and isolation of Cuba should end. This policy only hurts the Cuban people and punishes United States businesses that could be doing trade with Cuba. In particular, the rice companies have noticed very devastating losses. This embargo is also showing to be ineffective because no other nations are supporting the United States. It would take a large community of nations in order for Dictator Castro to change his ways and policies in his country. Also, by having this policy, it is limiting the people of the United States their right to travel. Travel agencies could be making more money if they were allowed to book trips to Cuba. Basically, if the United States would lift the sanctions against Cuba it would benefit both countries.
             Response to Part C.
             The idea of having a code of ethics for your business is not a laughable idea by any means.

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