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Judging Physical Appearance

            The way one looks does not express his or her talent. As people are becoming more modern tattoos and body piercings are becoming more acceptable. Tattoos and body piercing are still not favored by many businesses. People are often judged by their appearance. Someone once said, "Don't judge a book by its cover, it's what inside that counts." Roni is a hiring manager at a restaurant. When asked about hiring people on their appearance, he said, "I have been working in restaurant for 3 years, and I have always paid attention to applicant's appearance." He also rejected many applicants based on their clothing, piercing, and tattooing. His idea of hiring applicants based on their appearance changed, when he hired josh. The author, Bonny Gainley in page 661, supports the idea of judging applicants based on their appearance while some people are against it. .
             Agree .
             The author, Bonny Gainley, claims one's family and friends accepts them as they are, but business don't. The author is open minded. She personally did not have any issue with visible tattoos or piercing, but he was paid to choose applicants who would fit company's image. Businesses see their applicants the way applicants represent themselves just like people judge each other based on their appearance. She also said some people represent them self to send some messages. The message, According to author's example may be "my uniform says I am a police officer" or "I like the latest fashions" or "I am a gang member." What the customers will accept and safety are the reasons why dress codes and standard exist. Businesses exist to make profit. Employee appearance is really important in representing the business. The author also says, hiring applicants based on appearance is discrimination. Author blames the applicants and says it is an applicant's fault, if his or her choices don't match with the business policies.

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