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My Love of the Mountains

            Huge trees, hiking, fishing, and family. All of the most peaceful things in the summer time. It's our first day up on the mountain and as we go outside to start our day we take a walk down the trail. The gravel turning sounds like bones being crushed; the bugs spray on my lips tastes so bitter and nasty, and the big blue sky above me looks more beautiful every time I look at it. Behind me I see my cousins driving four wheelers and they are all excited to go fishing.
             As we speed along the road going toward the river, the dust that is being kicked up under the wheels makes my throat feel dry and my eyes tear up. The motors from the four wheelers yell at us to give them a break but we simply ignore them. As we quietly creep up on the river, the fish are already jumping at grasshoppers and flies. Quickly, but ever so carefully, I throw my pole into the water. SNAG, my fly is gone; the fish is wrestling with it under the water, so I quickly hank on my pole. Nothing, the fish had gotten away. My frustration drives me towards catching a fish more than the first time. After I while, I hear the lunch bell ring and we have to go inside, but I'm still okay with it because I know we can go fishing again tomorrow. .
             My cousins and I drive as fast as we can (without getting in trouble with grandma) back to the cabin for some PB&J sandwiches and soda pops. We all eat them as fast as we can so we can't even taste the thick, creamy peanut butter, smooth grape jelly, and toasty white bread. After we enjoy our lunch with a few jokes and laughs in between, it's off to play some games. With a few buckets, frisbees, and a lawn mower you can play Folf (Frisbee golf). As easy as it might sound throwing a frisbee into a bucket is hard. To make my first attempt, I aim my frisbee towards the first hole. Whoosh, through the air the frisbee goes straight for the bucket, but a huge wind gust blows my Frisbee back towards me.

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