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Journalism and Communication

            I believe that advertisements are a form of news that is constantly delivered to us with brief and concise message, even though they are manipulated by companies to buy their products. I do not hate that these advertisements are everywhere, but they could be annoying and embarrassing even when these advertisements are filled with fallacies and booby traps. Even though the message is clear and understandable, the logic behind those advisements is flawed. I particularly enjoyed advertisements that use the elements of surprise, fame, and creativity. My favorite advertisements are the one produced by Coca Cola, and Bud Light or the ones only showed during the super bowl. Super bowl advertisements are very different from the regular one hosted in the normal time. Many big companies invested thousands of dollars to make these short clips of entertainment that ultimately leads to brainwash them with their products. They use famous actors, singers, or even athletics to imprint the products on the consumer's mind. It make senses in terms of psychology, human preferred the products that they have been more exposed to with any kinds of information. I believe that everyone is affected by the advertisements even though we are aware that it is manipulating our minds. .
             The front page is the most important part of the newspaper. The main purpose of the front page is to grab the reader's attention. Template 21 does a great job of creating this through the use of large pictures. The "don't look down" picture and the story headline portray a novel and dramatic experience. The front page is also an area for pressing and ongoing issues. The Week in School Walls fits this category. The purpose of the following two pages takes the lead from the front page. As the front page is composed mainly of stories about Week without Walls, I want to use a similar topic by using the Sophomore Week Without Web.

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