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Gorbachev's Political Revolution

            The Gorbachev era – a period of time, which has been the reason for many controversial theories, raised debatable questions and still, more than 25 years after this time has passed, the consequences of Gorbachev's ruling are still pending under consideration. Accurate answers have not been provided, and if there are – they are strongly subjective and opinion-based. What are the reasons of the collapse of an established political system - the base of the Soviet "Empire", which has managed to stay at the top for more than five decades, outlived the Second World War, and has been the Motherland to more than half of Europe? Some track the roots of the demise of the Soviet System back to its earliest rise, at its conception as a political ideology, while some throw the blame merely on the decisions of Gorbachev. Were the capitalists right by labeling the Soviet System as unviable and had predicted its collapse due to economic contradictions, or was it the strongly oppressed population, demanding freedom of speech and freedom of markets? As many questions as we raise, the fact that Gorbachev turned out to be at the right position, in the right time, changing the course of history by crossing out the Communist Regime, still remains undeniable. .
             Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev is a product of a system that does not encourage radical innovations or reforms, nor open-to-democracy-minded people. And still, what are the qualities that Gorbachev had, as a child originating from a peasant family, that distinguished him and helped him reach the top? Gorbachev seemed to have proven his loyalty towards the Marxist-Leninist doctrine, especially towards Stalin, in his teenage years. Archie Brown notes that "Gorbachev has the political will to make significant innovations in both Soviet domestic and foreign policy"1, and German biographer Christian Shmidt-Hauer states that "the new leader is ambitious for power- not power for its own sake, but power to improve his own society"2.

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