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             Gorbachev is a very controversial figure in history. He is viewed as an individual who ruined Soviet hegemony, and also as someone who made Soviet Union into a democratic country. In just over five years, Mikhail Gorbachev transformed the world. He turned his own country upside down. He woke a sleeping giant, the people of the Soviet Union, and gave them freedoms they had never dreamed of. He tossed away the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe. He ended the Cold War that had dominated world politics and consumed the wealth of nations for nearly half a century. The 1989 revolts were confined to about five countries in Eastern Europe, with major after shocks to follow over the next three years in Albania and Yugoslavia. Gorbachev implemented the policies Perestroika and Glasnost. Perestroika means reformation and was mainly applied to the Politburo and Soviet society. Glasnost means to be more open, was mainly used to grant freedom of press and public opinion. Glasnost gave all people equal opportunity and treatment. Gorbachev's "demokratisatsia" process gave people freedoms such as an open election. IT WAS GORBACHEV"S POLITICAL STUPIDITY THAT ALLOWED FOR THE REVOLUTION TO TAKE PLACE. Gorbachev's reforms were responsible for the Eastern revolution of 1989. The individualism, economic instability, and the implementation all militated against Gorbachev and engendered the revolutions of 1989. .
             Argument One.
             Individualism was a leading factor why Gorbachev's reforms were used against him to engender the revolutions of 1989. The coalesced population was too hard to control for Gorbachev who was politically inclined. Gorbachev gave the rebellious population too many freedoms in his reforms, to make Soviet Union more democratic country. Those reforms were used against Gorbachev in the revolutions of 1989.
             The countries behind the iron curtain wanted freedom. They were cognizant of the fact that Gorbachev is a weak ruler and that his reforms were making the Soviet Union.

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