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Film Summary - Gattaca

            Since history, it has been revealed that names are quite important and very basic in the lives of individuals. Just, like language, names are regarded as a means of creating, preserving and also promoting identity. Critics in sociology and history argue that names given to small children have a great impact in their lives and also in the formation of character and identity. Many individuals have the assumption that their names depict their overall identities. (George, 176)Identity refers to the specific and concrete characteristics that are inherent to an individual. The fact that names preserve these characteristics is quite evident in the fiction movie Gattaca produced in 1997.
             The film Gattaca produced in 1997 is a story which describes societal genetic activities and mainly creating emphasis on in-valids. The story seems to suggest that the genetically perfect specimens are the only ones which can be chosen for space exploration and conquering. In addition, the film presents Vincent an invalid who is quite prepared to do anything to make his physical identity appear convincing. (Kirby, 201) Basically, identity is not only related to a name but also goes further to indicate human personality of specific individuals. In the Movie, it is quite evident that Antonio (Vincent's father) does not want to give his name to a sickly child. It is assumed that Antonio wants a positive change of his family throughout generations and that's the reason he does not want to give his name to the child. However, Anton who is Vincent's valid young brother is vividly described as the most appropriate child to inherit the father's name.
             Due to the discrimination of gender, race and religion and the fact that Vincent is myopic, it dawns on him that he has no future in the society. He is deemed to die at an age of 30.This is what greatly influences him to go underground and also to assume the identity of Jerome who has been crippled in an accident.

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