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An Unforgettable Holiday

            Since I was a little girl, I dreamed about traveling overseas to a lot strange lands; Exciting places and new cultures have always interested me. I've always wondered what it would look if I ever had been these countries. I wanted to go to countries which spoke different languages, and had different customs and life styles. This past summer, my dream came true. I traveled to Turkey with my mother, father, and brother. I made a memorable trip to Turkey with my family. .
             First, we booked the flight the airplane tickets; it wasn't expensive. When the day of the travel came, I was so excited. We were traveling fir twenty hours. While we got to Istanbul we went straight to the hotel. We spent the first day sleeping. Then the second day after breakfast, we went to the castle of the Othman kingdom. It was so big that we sent three hours just walking to see it all. Then we took the bus because it was cheap transportation, so all the tourist use it even though, it was busy. Then we found a Turkish restaurant that fit our budget. We didn't know what to tell them or even what to order. They didn't understand my dad when he talked to them, so they had someone who speaks English. We had to wait for him for thirty minutes. When he got there he translated to us. .
             Then, we went to the hotel, so we could change our clothes to get to the ocean. We rode a big cruse. It was my first time riding a big one like that. Me and my brother felt scared because it was going so fast. They served us very delicious cookies. While we were there, they played music that comes from their Turkish culture. We went back to the hotel. In that time we were talking about how amazing this country is. The next day, we went to some old places where we could do shopping. In our way we visited a museum. It was too small, but has a lot of things. .
             After a few days, we went to another city that called inker. It's their oldest city that had all the kind of the historical stories.

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