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Dance Concert Overview

            Arriving to the dance concert, I was rather surprised about the outcome. I did not expect there to be such a large audience. The night I attended was Friday night, I am not sure if Friday night was the night that had the biggest audience or not but I was rather shocked at the popularity it drew, particularly other college kids. I was also surprised so many other people dressed up so nicely for the recital. I thought I was dressed nice but after I arrived I felt a little underdressed for the occasion. I also have never been inside of the theatre and I was taken back by how fancy the theatre was. I felt like I was at the Fox for a couple of seconds. Once the show started I noticed there was no introduction or anything letting you know that the show was starting. I have never been to a professional dance concert so I am not sure if that is similar to how they are ran, however with my dance studio and my high school dance team there was always someone to welcome the audience, and someone to introduce the dances and talk about the dance to give you a better idea of what the dance is about. They communicated to the audience with nothing more than the lights, and that was only telling you when intermission was and the brakes between the dances. I would have liked some host or speaker informing the audience what is going on and what is coming up.
             I really enjoyed watching the dancers perform; you could really see how much hard work was put into each dance, from the lighting to the costumes to the actual dance itself. It took a lot of passionate and talented people with a lot of thought to make each dance what it was. The only complaint I have is I wish there was more diverse styles in the concert. I feel as if a lot of people stuck to contemporary style of dance, which is disappointing because Lindenwood is known for their arts program, they have an incredibly strong arts program and I wish the talent was shown in a more diverse way in the concert last weekend.

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