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OverBaptist Denomination

            Growing up in church has made things pretty good at times and sometimes difficult to actually understand when it all comes to understanding what church history is and all the different denominations. In my childhood I experience going to many churches as a little girl, but at the time I did not know anything about the settings and the traditions. I just knew I was there to serve God and worship Him for the many blessings. As I child my grandmother attended a Baptist church on the South side of Chicago. Once my grandmother passed is when I started going to different churches just so I can be able to go to church in thank God for all he has done for me. Going from a Baptist church to attending other kinds of churches definitely had a impact on me and sometimes made it harder for me to worship God. Baptist churches in my opinion were more diverse and valued family and God's word. Even though I bounced around in have experienced many denominations has showed me the differences within the Christian church. I feel as though as Christians and people as whole we are all striving for the same goal to become one with God. We are all still faced with things that separate us not only from God but as a church.
             I have learned that Denominations is seen as one the many causes of people to falling away from their faith because of the choices the church makes. Coming from my own personal experiences and also witnessing other people who do not attend church because of the views of the church denomination is what makes them not want to attend any church. Many of these people like myself feel as though the church should be one coming together as one being an example of God's commands as seen in Acts. I agree with Noll when he mentions that denomination is not seen as church but it is also not a sect. In my personal opinion I believed that religious beliefs within the church have grown tremendously in learning to become more integrated.

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