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How to Make Corn Tortillas

             For those of us who have been lucky enough to live in the Lone Star State may have taken for granted the steaming hot and flavorful corn tortillas that most Mexican restaurants provide free. If you are like me and love authentic Tex-Mex fare, but cannot find a local restaurant that provides fresh, hot tortillas then you are reading the right how-to. Remember, your own tortillas will not only rival the restaurants, they will taste even better because they are fresh off the skillet. .
             The ingredients required for tortilla making are unbelievably, and somewhat deceivingly, simple. There are only two ingredients: corn flour and water. Depending on your location in the United States, principally northern states, you might have trouble finding the most important ingredient the corn flour. You can ask your local grocery store to special order it in for you. If they are unable to you can also mail order it for a slightly higher price. The best kind for tortillas is Masa Harina produced by the Quaker Oats Company. One warning is do not mistake corn flour with corn meal. Corn meal is made from a completely different process and will not work.
             So let us get started, you will need a cast-iron skillet or griddle. You may also want a tortilla press, while not completely necessary it will makes things a lot easier. You can typically find Tortilla presses at your local kitchen supply store. It is possible to press out the tortillas on a flat surface using two heavy, flat-bottomed plates. You will also need to cut up a sandwich or freezer bag into two equal pieces to use in the press or the plates. .
             The recipe for corn tortillas is simply 2 cups of corn flour to 1- ΒΌ cups of water. The process for making corn tortillas is where all the magic happens. First, mix the corn .
             flour and the water; knead to form your dough. Pinch off about a golf-ball sized piece of dough and roll it into a ball. Set the dough on a piece of the plastic bag from earlier in the tortilla press; cover with the other piece of plastic.

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