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Lord Of the Flies - Symbolism

            Independence and self-security are two greatly perused feelings or freedoms. They allow an individual to feel "at home" in a certain sense, and they also raise confidence levels. Each of these three feelings supports each other, and with out one another, the other two usually aren't present. Each person gains a sense of security differently than others do to the natural variation of the human race. This is exactly what occurs in The Lord of the Flies. As each character develops throughout the novel, they start to either gain or loose a sense of self-security based on independence and other factors. Some characters even need dependence on others to feel secure because they aren't leaders like the main two characters of the novel. .
             Jack Meridew in an example of a character that gains these attributes throughout the novel. Upon arrival at the island, Jack shows up with the choir of boys and they are all dressed in black cloaks. Jack has the stars on his cap to indicate that he is the leader of this certain group. I feel as though that when Simon faints, it actually has a deeper meaning about Jack Meridew. It shows that Jack is a leader, but he does not yet know how to lead his followers. The reason for this is that they are all wearing cloaks and sweating due to the heat. It shows that Jack is out of his element. However, the stars on his cap show that Jack is a leader he is just lacking something. This is why Jack ends up loosing his position of leadership to Ralph. As Jack develops through the novel, he becomes more independent of the rule of Ralph. Jack becomes a hunter and the hunters do not listen to or follow the rules set by Ralph. As the hunters become more and more rebellious, Jack becomes more independent, secure, and confidant. This finally reaches the point to which Jack is no longer lacking the abilities of leadership and he completely splits from Ralph. Jack always had a savage way of thinking, but Ralph held him back.

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