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Lord of the Flies

            Identify and comment on the literary means by which Golding develops his themes in "Lord Of The Flies".
             The book I have read is "Lord Of The Flies", by William Golding. Golding, develops many themes in the book, in which I will discuss, along with other means of the book such as, imagery and personification. The book has several themes-civilisation v barbarism, the individual v the group, authority v chaos. Throughout the book there is a theme of power play.
             The plot is simple and occasionally, the story separates from the general group and follows one child. A group of boys has been dropped on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, their plane having been shot down during a nuclear war. Ralph then goes exploring the island and discovers that there are no grown up to supervise them, so they have the whole island to them selves. Piggy, who is fat, asthmatic, and nearly blind without his glasses, trails behind as Ralph explores the island. They then find a conch shell and Piggy encourages Ralph to blow on it, which he does and then the other boys appear from out of the forest, among them is Jack Merridew, marching the boys' choir, military style, There are also the twins, Sam and Eric. Simon also joins the group. Ralph decides that they should elect a chief, so the group elects Ralph as their leader even though Jack preferred it that he was chosen. Then Ralph, Simon, and Jack go and explore the island. Soon after the exploration by the three boys Jack decides that he should be a hunter and thinks that he should provide food. Ralph convinces everyone that they need a fire for a signal in case a ship passes the island. Starting a fire is impossible until they use Piggy's glasses. Throughout the story, Jack becomes more and more obsessed with hunting and the desire to kill. He says, "you can feel as if you're not hunting, but--being hunted, as if something's behind you all the time in the jungle.

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