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Website Comparison - Coles and Woolworths

            In the modern era many companies have converted to online sales and promotion to try and accumulate for their customs requirements and trying to bring in money from another direction. Two of the biggest grocery stores in Australia, Coles and Woolworths both, have an online store to help their customer's needs and save them time. www.Coles.com.au and www.Woolworths.com.au are the lead website URL's for the two companies. These websites audiences are mainly aimed at families and women who do not have enough time in their day to go to the grocery store. It is also mainly aimed at women because majority of women still do the shopping. Both website are very similar in their layout but differ in the choice of colours. They both have their similarities and differences through out their page and they use language that is aimed back at the customer to come and shop at their store as if it is helping the customer in a way. It is also another way the two companies can make money and increase their revenue.
             The home pages are neatly set out with images, colour and tabs for store locations, hours, apps and specials. Both websites are dominated by large banners that repeatedly slide across the page, which enables the audience to receive more information without cluttering up the website. The main images on the banners include a product that is on sale, a link to recipes and their rewards system, with a photo of a mum holding a baby. This is then targeted back at the target audience of mothers doing most of the shopping. Both websites use an image of a mother holding a child to show that it is easier for parents to shop at home. The two websites have their own signature colour. The Woolworths website has the one signature colour, being green. The reason behind they are green is to go with their slogan 'Woolworths the Fresh Food people' as green is a 'fresh' feeling colour and they are then trying to tell the consumer that they sell the freshest food.

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