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Business and Ethics Evaluation

            In my line of work it is common for contractors to underbid a job purposefully in order to win the bid. The customer unknowingly chooses this contractor because they are cheaper priced. Then later in the project, the contractor will start changing their pricing because they can't do the job for the bid that was given. Most of the time this ends up costing the customer more than if they had chosen the honest bidder in the beginning. Often, it also leads to an incomplete job for the customer and causes them to either pay the extra charges or find another contractor to complete the job. I have experienced this several times in my field. One example of this would be a home that we were building. We had completed the house to the point where it was time to start the inside finishing touches such as cabinets, molding and trim work when another contractor from another field who knew our customer told them they could complete the project for a cheaper price. After this, the customer decided to let the other contractor finish the job and they were left with below standard cabinets and an uncompleted job. .
             I don't feel like this resolution was just because we had completed the majority of the job to a high standard and the other contractor came in with substandard work and didn't even complete what he had started. This may look bad on him in the eyes of that customer, but as a whole, I feel like it looks bad on our company because when the customer is asked who built their home, they are more likely to say our name because we did the majority of the job. A verse that comes to mind for this scenario would be Proverbs 28:19, "He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty (Quest)." This verse warns against abandoning hard work for easy money. I reference this because it makes me think about when a contractor is dishonest and tries to make money off of a job while providing less than quality work.

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