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business ethics

            The morality in business or more commonly called "Business Ethics- is a branch of moral principles that examines moral controversies that most commonly arise in the world of business. This extremely general range of morality include more specific issues such as the social responsibilities of capitalist business practices, moral status of corporate entities, deceptive advertising, insider trading, basic employee rights, job discrimination, affirmative action, and whistle blowing (exposing of corporate illegalities). This so-called Business ethics is maintained today as means of keeping "commercial integrity-. Today as with all business decisions worldwide, corporate pronouncements now entail moral demands. In this paper I will explain the different aspects that morality play on business including general outlook of businesses toward morality, reasons behind businesses adhering to code of ethics, and the Catholic teaching on business.
             "Those responsible for business enterprises are responsible to society for the economic and ecological effects of their operations.[217] They have an obligation to consider the good of persons and not only the increase of profits. Profits are necessary, however. They make possible the investments that ensure the future of a business and they guarantee employment."".
             -Catechism of the Catholic Church.
             The first step toward examining business outlook towards morality is to recognize that all business decisions entail moral decisions. For example, moral decisions in business regarding the workers: All human beings have natural rights either endowed by their Creator or inherent in their nature, and have a moral obligation to respect the rights of others. Business outlook towards morality concerns itself with how other people are affected in both positive and negative ways. Almost always, business decisions affect many more people than simply those directly involved in the business transaction.

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