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Ecuadorian Women in the Workplace

            In my culture, women's work is almost the same as men's due to the following reasons: the payment is equal, both do the same work, fathers are spending more time with their children, and the children are not dividing their work in genders. Nowadays women have the same opportunities of becoming an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, etc. as men do; but it hasn't been like this always, as time passes women have been obtaining the same rights as men.
             Women are paid the same as men, especially in the public sector, where the same work is for everybody and so is the payment. Women's work is as valued as men's in Ecuador. Here it is not based on who is doing the work or which gender the worker has, but it is the type of job that counts at the time of paying, especially in the private sector. A teacher for example, is paid the same quantity being a woman or a man but it can vary on the subject he/she teaches; so does a doctor and the root of medicine that he/she practices or a lawyer that depends on the settle price by him/herself.
             This thing that we call "same work" has been developing over the last century, where women had stopped staying at home and taking care of the children rather than going out to work; but this has carried another job that is still made by women and, personally, I don't think it would be ever be done by men: being a housemaid. We can talk about the fact that women have taken men's jobs because we can see a mechanic engineer woman, a woman doctor, lawyer, teacher, politician, economist, anthropologist, etc., but can we see a housemaid man? Or a hair stylist man that isn't gay? The fact that women have inserted themselves into men's work is the reason we can talk about "same work.".
             Being a housemaid is one thing but being a babysitter is another totally different. Talking about babysitting, we can say that men have left behind the idea of letting just the woman take care of the children, instead, they are staying home while the woman is out not only for work, but for other things like shopping or hanging out with friends.

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