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The Walk Of Endless Opportunities

            It was a beautiful Sunday in June, not quite yet summer because it was still considered spring at the time. The weather was absolutely perfect because it wasn't too hot or too cold and you could feel the nice summer breeze slowly blowing in just a few weeks earlier. It all commenced when the musicians began playing and everyone rose to their feet. The crowd, who consisted of proud family and friends, turned around to watch the train of girls in elegant, white, floor-length gowns. This was not some type of polygamist wedding, it was a day I had been longing for, my high school graduation. It became a tradition to wear a long, white dress instead of the customary cap and gown when the school was first established back in 1961. As I began to walk down the aisle accompanied by one of my classmates, I could feel the beat of my heart pounding in every part of my body. I still could not believe that this day had come so fast. It seemed like just yesterday I was trying to find where all my classes were located along the campus. Graduation day came incredibly quick, but the journey I took to get there, seemed like a long winding road with no end. With all the late night homework, last minute cramming and extra time I spent preparing for this day, I couldn't appreciate the satisfaction that I felt once I received my diploma. As I walked down that aisle, I walked with my head high to make my parents proud and to show them that they are the reason I was able to make it to this accomplishing day. Life is filled with many challenges and it is our own choice to overcome those hurdles and make sure we get through them, even if it means needing the presence of supporting people help me persevere and encourage me on that journey. .
             A rite of passage is a special occasion you experience when you are transitioning from one moment and moving on to the next. Rites of passage don't necessarily have to be religious or a significant, life changing event.

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