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Elli – Coming of Age in the Holocaust

            In the text, 'Elli – Coming of age in the Holocaust' written by Livia E. Bitton Jackson, luck is always relevant. However, luck is tied with other factors such as survival instincts and faith which together aid her overall survival during many oppressive circumstances. In certain times, Elli's luck plays a definite factor in her survival however most elements of her continuance are based on the combination of fortune and other aspects.
             Fortunate circumstances are often paired with other factors such as instinctual behaviour. In the text there are several instances where Elli is in a situation and has both luck and her instincts to aid her survival. An example of this would be when Elli covers her injured leg in order to get onto a wagon with her mum. Elli is very lucky to have been able to use this survival instinct and manage to surpass the guard to keep moving forward. In the text, the audience is able to identify the amount of will to survive and will to keep her mother alive she has, "Mummy cannot survive a day without help" (pg. 144). "Whatever happens I must survive" (pg. 202), these quotes demonstrate Elli's mindset and her determination to make it through any form of oppression. Elli shows that not only does she have a will to live but she has a will to keep those she cares about alive and free from harm as much as possible. Elli's mother undergoes harsh treatment from an SS officer but Elli interferes. Her instinctual behaviour pushes through and she follows these instincts into helping her mother. In the end Elli is extremely lucky to be alive, "I attacked an SS officer. The gravest form of sabotageyet I'm alive. Brutally bruised, but alive" (pg. 149). Another instance of the pair of fortune and instincts is in Auschwitz where Elli's instincts tell her that the bunk bed is bound to break and crush her and her mother. Elli is lucky enough not to be crushed when the inevitable does occur; however, her mother is not so fortunate, "Her eyes are wide open.

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