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Saving Earth Before It's Too Late

            Our planets natural balance is extremely important to all plants, animals, humans, and other organisms living here. That essential balance has been vastly disturbed, and the consequences are already appearing across the world. Because global warming is occurring, I believe each of us has a moral obligation to decide what is causing it and do everything we can to prevent it. .
             Although the majority of scientists across the planet agree the world is warming, they can not come to a consensus of what is actually causing it. They have separated into two different groups, the people who believe humans are the main cause and understand the hazards of global warming and the people who think the whole issue is a big hoax and it is just natures coarse. I, personally, am part of the first group. It is a well known fact that "global warming has been occurring since the Earth was formed," but it is also true that "the rate at which this is taking place has been alarming enough to raise concerns" (Naik). Data suggests that the rate at which the temperatures began to rise accelerated with the industrial revolution. Due to the significant increase in vehicles and industries the amount of fossil fuels being burned rose drastically. "Burning fossil fuels to generate power leads to the release of various harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These gases in turn trap the sunlight in the atmosphere and cause the temperatures to rise" (Naik). Natural causes of global warming do exist, but they are not as abundant as human causes. For example, volcanic eruptions release enormous amounts of CO2, but they are not frequent. On the other hand the amount of carbon dioxide released by vehicles and businesses world wide, every day easily exceeds the amount released by volcanoes. When looking at all the data provided, the conclusion is simple.

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