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Learning the Value of Trust

            Staring at my battle buddy across from me with his heavy, cold steel rifle in hand, covered in dry, day old, dirt from marching all day, and listing to the sounds of the night fire on our way back to camp; exhausted, and dazed. I know I can trust private Ojeda because his core values inspire him to take lead on this mission, yet he still looks back at me with trust in is his eyes and ask "what's the grid location?" Because he knows he can trust me to get us home form any sticky situation. Trust is not a work that one throws around in the military because it is loyalty, personal courage, and duty that makes the word trust so powerful.
             One of the best times spent in my life was in the military; moreover, the values instilled in my military service. I've come across many different obstacles in my life that would lead me to disbelief in the idea of trust; however, I've also had the honor of serving on dozens of situations that yank me back to embrace the idea of trust; moreover; some lessons learned in life don't always end the way you want them to, and put you in a state of mind to distrust the few people you can confide in. Throughout my numerous ventures in the military, and post military, I have found that there are many types of categories to put your friends and family in; such as the ones I trust to lend money to, the ones who call for advice but never take it, and the ones that you can count on when you need a favor. .
             The people I trust to lend money to seem to have a way of finding themselves into some kind of debt where they swear they had no idea how it happened. Those friends and family members know that there is no other alternative to say I need your help, can you lend me some money. I never forget the favors that have been done for me by those who in a time of need reach out for me to help them because of the trust we have for one another I know I can count on them to pay me back without acting like we don't know each other.

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