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Glenoak Soccer

            I have a lot of goals for this upcoming season of soccer, personal goals and some for the whole team. One of my main goals for this year to improve my fundamentals as a soccer player. This pertains to improving my touch by a lot. I am not satisfied with my touch as of now and will do drills and work with a partner everyday I have the time to. I would also like to improve the technique of my shot. Growing up as a kid I was taught the wrong way to shoot a ball and I shoot it with my toe. I was taught this would increase the power and velocity of my shot. I will do this by taking shots after every practice and whenever the opportunity comes up. My other major goal for this season is to gain experience and relearn the game mentally. I quit playing soccer for two years and this killed my experience level compared to my teammates. Often in a game I find myself in a game where I don't know the right thing to do. By then end of the year I would also like to be playing on Jv-A at the very least. I will achieve this by be being player I want to be. .
             By the end of the year I want to be recognized as the best teammate as possible. I want to be known for my teamwork and and selflessness. I don't want to be a ball-hog and try to be the only one our team. This is team sport and I wont to put my teammates in the best position to succeed. At the same, if we are in an intense moment and we need to take a shot to win, I want my teammates to trust me to take that shot or come up with a clutch play. I have been playing forward/mid recently and would like to maintain those positions the whole year. I would like to score or assist on a goal every game. I want to be able to win in one-on-one situation and help the team as much as I can. .
             My goals for this upcoming school year are going to be the same ones I set for myself every year. I am going to achieve the highest GPA I can achieve. Last year I got a 4.25 and I want to maintain or raise that this year.

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