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The history of Soccer

             The first sight I examined, with a web address of http://www.htm, I considered to be a bad source. The good things about the site, entitled "A Short History Of Soccer", include the fact that the author releases information about himself to all those viewing the site including his name, picture and email address, he clearly states that the purpose of the sit is to inform people about the history of soccer, and the site was updated relatively recently. Furthermore, the site was reached through a reliable source (Google.com) and it is clearly not an ad in disguise because it is just stating facts without much bias. On the other hand, Tony Brown, the author, in not well recognized in soccer, there is no bibliography, the site is not sponsored by any organization. Finally, the biggest reason I had to classify the website as bad for my purposes is that, although the title leads us to believe the site will inform us about the entire history of soccer, the sit is only involved with the history of soccer in England.
             The sight, http://www.tetrabrazil.com/history_of_soccer.htm is a sight that I would classify as barely a good site, although the text alone seems very adequate, although a bit short, the page does not offer a bibliography or any information about the specific author, however there are many reasons to combat the prior negative ones. First of all, the text is put out by a very well known and respected soccer academy, and although this presents problem with the question of whether or not the site is an advertisement, I"m sure it is not simply because there was no reference of the academy throughout the portion of the site that deals with the history of soccer. Also, the page is new, updated earlier this year, was reached through a reliable source, and is clearly there for information about the history of soccer.
             Http://users.skynet.be/pluto/ is a good example of a horrible sight, in fact the only good thing about it is that it was found on google and that it is not advertising anything, everything else is dreadful.

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