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Short Story - The Future Innovations Fair

            Jake, an ordinary student from Washington Middle School, was walking to school one morning when he saw a bulletin on the board about an upcoming science fair where the first place winner got a huge trophy, $100 in cash, and was distinguished at a banquet afterwards. Excited to tell his friends, he ran to his science class where his friends, Chuck and Brittany, were comparing answers from the previous night's math assignment. When he saw his friends, he heard Chuck's voice saying, "No, number 2 was 22 not 35." .
             Brittany answered back in an irritated tone, "What are you talking about?? I'm not sure why our answers are in contrast of each other!" .
             Jake interrupted their conversation exclaiming, "Guys, guys, let's participate in the Future Innovation Science Fair next week!!! The first place winner gets a huge trophy, cash money, and gets to be recognized at a fancy banquet by developing an invention useful in the future!" .
             Both Chuck and Brittany looked at each other and said at the same time, "Let's do it." They all concluded that they would talk to Ms. Davis, their science teacher, regarding their participation in the science fair. As the morning bell rang, they ran into their science classroom,anxious, to talk to Ms. Davis about their newest commitment. .
             "Ms. Davis, Ms. Davis, we need information about the newest science fair so we could participate in it," yelled Jake from across the room. Ms. Davis, looking thrilled from the sound of their voices, went to her desk and took out a guidelines chart and a criterion from her cabinet, ready to explain it to her students.
             "I am so excited for you guys," proclaimed the science teacher, "Your guys' assignment is to extrapolate a feasible innovation that would be resourceful in the future. Apart from constructing a model of your proclaimed invention, you also need to formulate a summary in reference to the purpose of the object, as well as citing evidence from reliable websites, which illustrates your understanding to modern scientific theories and hypothesize how your innovation could be purposeful in the future.

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