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Becoming a Deadbeat Dad

            Becoming a deadbeat does not come overnight. You have to be a deadbeat before the children were born into this world. Deadbeat parents should be penalized every step of their lives for not providing physical and emotional support for their child. Lacking the fundamental understanding of what it means to be a parent; Shelia began to slowly decline, and sleeping her way through what should have been the best part of her children's lives. It began with taking over the counter medications to abusing prescription drugs and alcohol and eventually crack cocaine, all to numb the pain. Knowing what love is and her treat her offspring like that was truly a devastating experience. She put on the biggest front while in public. On the outside looking in people thought she had it all together, when in reality she was already in a deep dark pit. Through years of drug and alcohol abuse, her children trying to pull the love from an empty vessel and steadily become more and more broken themselves. After a couple of years went by, people started saying "It's something different about her." Her nieces and nephews wanted to talk but sometimes opening their mouth would get them in trouble. People would bring up the subject of Shelia and her "issues" just to be messy and her niece didn't realize it until she matured. Why couldn't she just take care of her responsibilities? .
             Her children didn't understand why she no longer loved them the same and why was she so emotionally detached? As Veronica sees the void, she takes baby number one, the then six month old, cared for him in the hopes to alleviate the stress of having a baby. But unfortunately Shelia's issues ran deeper than just a newborn baby. When this baby number one was five years old, Shelia said she was ready and Veronica gave him back, a year later and a half later, she was pregnant again. The emotional decline worsened; Shelia suffered from severe post-partum depression and eventually went back to her cycle of drug and alcohol abuse to ease to the heartache.

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