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Presidential Use of Media

            In our day and age of technology, the media is constantly around us. No matter what our activities include, the media is inescapable. We are always watching TV, listening to the radio or surfing the web. The politicians know this and will undoubtedly use this to their advantage. The presidents, for example, are the biggest culprits of this form of persuasion. They will use whatever means necessary to attain our votes and have become quite good at it. There are many articles, some of which are cited in this essay, that show the media has a direct influence not only on the audience's political beliefs but also on their choice of a candidate. Often, their weight is forced upon those who are "uneducated or are undecided-, which are the majority of voters. They tend to use the media to cater to three major voting categories. Those categories include women, minorities, and teenagers.
             First of all, we will explore how the president's use the media to sway women voters. Women, by definition, are the homemakers, wives and mothers. But, within the last century, they have grown to be a very powerful political group. "The percentage of women, age 18 and over and citizens, who cast a ballot in the last presidential election was 61 %. Among all voting-age people, women have voted at higher rates than men in every presidential election since 1984."" (www.factmonster.com) The candidates have employees who research the demographics, such as the one cited above, to aid in the party's political platform. Since women tend to be more apt to associate themselves with .
             the Democrats, because of certain issues as welfare, healthcare, support for battered women, and putting an end to fathers being deadbeat dads, among other women friendly issues, the Republicans try their hardest to gain their votes. Recently this was seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show. During the 2000 Presidential Campaign, George W. Bush wanted to show women the softer side of George W.

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