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Abstinence Speech

             Fellow students, I"m here today to talk to you about the only 100% safe and effective sexual protection. It works against pregnancy, not to mention HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. I"m referring to abstinence, which basically means not having sex outside of marriage.
             I"m not here to preach to you. I"m simply here to inform you of the facts. The fact is that if you have sex outside of marriage, you will pay consequences. They can be emotional, mental, social, physical, or even financial. Either way, you will pay in some form or fashion.
             One thing you need to keep in mind is that pregnancy is not a disease. It will not kill you. However, HIV and other STDs easily can. You have a four times greater risk of getting an STD than of getting pregnant. Nearly all STDs are only treatable, not curable. Treatment for most STDs is very painful. For example, if you contract HPV (more commonly known as genital warts), they have to be burned off with a laser. HPV is also the most contagious and most common STD. 47% of sexually active teens have HPV.
             Now, on to forms of contraception. There is no form of protection that even comes close to the safeness of abstinence. Let's say you or your girlfriend decides to go on the pill. Sure, it will protect you from pregnancy. But do you think it can protect you from STDs? No, it cannot. Did you know you are 10 times more likely to get an STD while on the pill than while not on the pill? Seems to be an interesting fact, especially considering 51% of teenage girls who are sexually active are on the pill. Now, on to perhaps the best form of protection besides abstinence, the latex condom. They are the only contraceptives that can protect you from both STDs and pregnancy. However, they are not 100% effective. They can sometimes break if not used or put on correctly. They can also be eaten through if you use an oil-based lubricant along with the condom.

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