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Slavery in Eastern Pennsylvania

            In Eastern Pennsylvania, Leigh Valley became the heartland of Marvarian settlements. They were Methodist who grew corn and wheat, and were thick with dairy herds. There were Christian salvation, plenty of schools, dormitories, stores and barns. At 17, Joseph Sturgis opened his door to the painted faces of Munsee and Shawnee warriors who shot him in the face and raided the house. The warriors scalped the men who were not killed immediately, women hid upstairs, and the men did not have any weapons for self-defense. The warriors left and set fire to other places; some men and woman got away into the woods. The Indian warriors stripped food from stores, butchered 60 cattle, set fire to buildings and feasted in celebration. Teedyuscung's father spoke English and was there when English Quakers settled in 1680's, he was baptized by the Morvarians. They became dependent on white traders because they were stripped of everything. The white people supplied them with guns and ammunition, knives, blankets and clothing. Teedyuscung was married and had children, he was one of the tribes natural leaders, was tall and powerful and loved rum. Because of tension with whites, Teedyuscung and his family and his followers left hometown of Trenton, New Jersey to Lehigh, Pennsylvania. The Delaware tribe welcomed them, and his father became chief of Pocopoco. .
             Within 3 years, whites came and pushed them out. They fled to the Penns in Philadelphia where a man named James Logan who told them to leave and to make peace with the white people met them or they would stop trading. The Delaware sent a petition to Bucks County saying whites had not bought their land and that they were going to apply force. But, one day Teedyuscung heard one of the white men preaching and admired it. He made a relationship with the whites and at 50 years old, on March12, 1750 he and his family were baptized a Christian and all took new names.

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