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The Biomechanics of Snowboarding

            Snowboarding is a winter sport that is loved by people of all ages. Depending upon a rider's natural stance, they will either ride with their left foot forward (which is riding "regular" stance) or with their right foot forward (which is called a "goofy" stance). There have been both goofy and regular riders who have achieved great success at World Cups and Winter Olympics, including Shaun White (regular stance) and Torah Bright (goofy stance). Snowboarding was first discovered in 1929 when a man cut a plank of plywood and secured it to his feet using a clothesline and horse reins. In 1964 Sherman Poppen, an American surf fanatic, created snowboard history. He dreamed about surfing on snow, and as a result he invented a toy for his daughter that he called a "Snurfer ". The Snurfer consisted of 2 skies bound together with a rope at the nose of the skis to hold onto. It was extremely popular, and Sherman sold 500,000 Snurfers in the first 2 years. He started competitions to help boost interest and this was when Jake Burton discovered his love for the "Snurfer". .
             The "Snurfer" was a great idea, however due to its traditional surfboard design, it was heavy and clunky meaning it had a heavier mass. This meant it either had to ridden on a steeper slope (making it harder for beginners and children to use) or people had to use more force to get it going. The snowboard shape that we know today started appearing in 1969. Dimitri Milovich was inspired to make snowboards when he was riding down snowy hills on a cafeteria tray, whilst he was at College. Dimitri decided to make snowboards that were based upon the design of a surfboard, but worked the same way skis did – with edges and an early form of bindings. In 1972 Dimitri started a company called Winterstick and he was seen as a very important pioneer in the industry.
             In 1977 Jake Burton finished college and he needed to earn an income, so he decided to make his own version of a Snurfer.

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