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Higher Education and Student Debt

            Within the textbook Current Issues and Enduring Questions, there is an article, Is Forgiving Student Debt a Good Idea by Kayla Webley where the topic of student loan/debt forgiveness is discussed. Webley goes on to say that the vast majority of those who are in debt can pay off their loans, but most would rather not spend money that they are receiving now to pay for the education they got so long ago. She brings up the ideas both Robert Applebaum and Justin Wolfers. Applebaum has recently started a petition which poses the idea that the government should provide help to students who have any amount of debt. His idea is that the government gives a one trillion dollar bailout to recent graduates which in return will allow stimulus in the economy (130). Wolfers' on the other hand believes that by giving college graduates a handout, the economy would not gain any stimulus. The individuals who would gain from the loan forgiveness would not put back in the economy, but rather put that money into their savings account. Though the ideas behind loan forgiveness have good intentions, the reality is that loan forgiveness is a short-term fix on a long term problem; focusing on the smaller issue while instead we should focus on the larger problem, the cost to receive a higher education.
             There is no doubt that higher education is something necessary in the society we live in today. Whether it is a college degree, or even a certificate of some sort, any form of continuing your education after high school can amount to more success in the long run. It is often that when these individuals are in places of higher learning they receive skills that are becoming more important in today's society. For example, in a college classroom setting regardless of it be a community college, or 4 year university, students are compelled to think for themselves. The professor may pose an argument, or a question and each student in the room is able to think and construct an answer based on how they feel.

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