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Modern World History - WWI, WWII and Exploration

            The three most important turning points for modern world history were exploration, World War I, and World War II.
             Exploration Led to new discoveries and allowed expansion. Take Jacques Cartier for instance. In the 1530's Jacques was sent for a short, western passage to China. Instead he came in contact with Native American Indians making him the first European to have ever come in contact with them. He also discovered the St. Lawrence River and Christopher Columbus was sent to find route to Asia. But Instead he ended up on Islands in the Carribean Sea also known as the Americas. Therefore Columbus discovered America and Vasco Day Gama. He was sent to sail from Portugal to India. Which he did successfully. Along the way though he discovered precious jewels and spices. He also brought back with him a letter promising to trade spices and gems for gold, silver, coral, and scarlet cloth. However exploration is not the only major Important turning point in modern world history.
             World War I Led to many new advancements and a new thought process. For industrialization to be successful it had to be possible to transport goods fastly and cheaply. As a result man created the steam engine which led to new forms of transportation like steamships and rail roads. This represented a resolution in movement of people , goods as well as information across water and land. Another example of how WWI led to new advancements and thought process is Hitler's propaganda technique. Hitler used this technique to gain control. He told the people of Germany they would be safe. He Ensured security and jobs. However he did not fulfill this duty. Hitler told the people what they wanted to hear and then ended up doing the opposite. He murdered millions of innocent people for their ethnicity. Definitely a new thought process but the Jews won in the end. They got served justice and are now free and Independent. Last but not least new weapons were revealed during WWI.

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