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Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald

            Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, a famous writer, known by his famous works The Great Gatsby and Side of Paradise he spent tons of his life writing. Fitzgerald is a distinguishable writer and uses similar aspects in almost all of his work; this style that his audience and followers were anticipated for made Fitzgerald a successful, well-known writer. His success shaped who grew to be in his life time, but more importantly growing and learning from his mistakes throughout his life that built his reputation up as a writer. How did he do it? What exactly is Fitzgerald's style? I'll be showing you his early life to becoming a writer, his achievements, and his distinguishable style of writing.
             Born in Minnesota on 24 of September 1896, Fitzgerald was the third child born, but his two other siblings had died as infants. Fitzgerald was near close to death with fevers and colds as well, but fortunately, skimmed through. His family was middle-class, but his family lost their jobs causing for him to be moving around the country and eventually out of the country in need of his family to find occupations. Fitzgerald was known to be writing at the early age of 9 years old and wrote his first published story in 1909 in the Now and Then school magazine at St. Paul Academy. In 1911 he began going to a Catholic Boarding School, Newman Academy, where he directed his first play written by himself at the age of fifteen called, "The Captured Shadow." Fitzgerald goes to Princeton in 1915, but left soon after that to join the militia. During war, he finds out his high school crush would soon be married in the summer of 1918. He finds someone new, Zelda Sayre, and got married in 1920. Fitzgerald writes The Great Gatsby in 6 months in spite of needing money, which one day will become his most popular works. In 1929 is when his true experience of writing shows with the Taps at Reveille, a collection 18 short of stories each one being a different part of his life time.

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