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Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven

            The title of the book I chose to read is "Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven." I found this book to be quite different than a book that I would normally read. This book deals with many religious topics especially about the different aspects of an afterlife. Suzanne is the mother of a deceased boy named Matthew. Throughout the book, Suzanne discussed conversations with her dead son. Most of the topics discussed between Suzanne and her son Matthew include reincarnation, afterlife, and karma. The book also talked about many different religions and discusses the similarities between these different religions. I really enjoyed this book because it taught me some new things about unfamiliar religions and taught me valuable life lessons as well. .
             The book starts off with Suzanne explaining how Matthew died, which was falling asleep at the wheel somewhere in Panama. After Matthew passed away, Suzanne was miserable, just as I would expect any mother to be. A few years after his death, Suzanne thought it was time to try to communicate with her son. She tried a few different tactics including speaking with people who possess psychic abilities and through the use of a computer. Matthew describes something called Nirvana to his mother. He explains it as the stage between life and the life after death, a process that relives suffering. While a person is experiencing Nirvana, god comes to communicate with you and help you through the difficult process of Nirvana. Matthew also explains that we still hold a hypothetical body after we die that will experience things similar to what the body experiences here on earth. .
             Matthew explains how spirits or beings live in higher realms, such as heaven. Matthew also goes on to explain that there are many different gods, each god rules a different higher realm. The book also talks about angels. Contrary to what most people believe, Matthew explains that angels are not sprits from the past who once lived on earth, they are beings that have always lived in a higher realm.

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