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Disparity and Discrimination

            The difference between disparity and discrimination is that disparity is a difference between two people and discrimination is the use of this inequality to be prejudice towards another. Disparity is often things that cannot be controlled such are differences in race, gender, social class, and other topics (i.e. natural inequalities). Discrimination stems from these differences and is applied to put down one party and boost another. .
             According to Edinburgh and Lothian's Regional Equality Council, there are seven different types of discrimination as told by the Equality Act of 2012 in Britain. There is direct discrimination which occurs when one is treated worse than another based on a certain characteristic that one of them holds, for example, a Hispanic man being searched for procession of drugs with no other reason other than then that he is Hispanic. Associative discrimination which occurs when one is treated worse because they are associated with someone who has a certain characteristic such as a gang member. Perceptive discrimination, which occurs when someone believes that one, has a certain characteristic regardless of them having it or not, for example indirect discrimination occurs when a policy for everyone puts down certain individuals with a certain characteristics such as wearing a shirt without a tie. As well as harassment which occurs when behavior from one person is wrongful to the recipient, for example, a boss calling and texting an employee to ask them out on a date constantly and the employee filing out a police report. Third party harassment is when then harassment is known to have been going on at least a couple other times before. And finally there is victimization, which could occur when someone's job is being threatened because someone helped another fill out a complaint regarding the person doing the harassing.
             Define and give current examples of disparity related to criminal justice.

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