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Short Story - The Long Trip

             I had just left school early because I felt horrible. The last thing I wanted was to be sick. Especially since the next day was my 5th grade class's bowling trip. Once my dad and I arrived at the doctor's office, we went through normal procedures: filling out paperwork, waiting, and finally being called back. After being called back, the nurse asked for my symptoms. I told her that I was coughing, had a pressure in my chest, and was fatigued. She wrote it all down and said "The doctor will be in shortly." However, we all know that is a lie. A child can hit puberty before the doctor ever shows up! After what seemed like decades of waiting, he finally can in and said, "We are going to give a shot. Now this shot isn't like a normal shot. This one will go into your right hip just above your butt cheek." .
             At first, I thought, "I'll be fine. Shots don't bother me." That all changed when I saw the needle. The damn thing had to be as long as an unsharpened pencil! "Now we have put some numbing in this. What I am giving you is a pneumonia shot. We believe this is what you have and this shot will help to cure it." As scared as I was I agreed to get the shot. I winced in pain as he injected me with the serum. To this day, nothing has hurt worse than that. Not even stepping on a Lego. We began to leave and I noticed that my entire right side was numb. I was surprised that I was walking. Other than that I felt fine until I got home. As soon as I walked through the door, I felt like a naked mole rat in Antarctica. I ran to my room and put on a long sleeve shirt, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, and a sweatshirt. Then I wrapped myself up under all my covers. Now you would think that I was warm now, but I was far from it. I was shaking like a Chihuahua that hadn't went number 2 in two weeks.
             Once my mom saw that I looked like I was having a seizure, she demanded that I go to the hospital. At that point I must have blacked out because next thing I knew I was in my hospital room.

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