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WWII and the Lack of Nuclear Weapon Security

            The Red Army has stepped into Berlin, Nazi Germany has fallen, the war in Europe is over. All that stands between a complete Ally victory is the Empire of Japan. ---August 6, 1945; the night is cold, the fog is letting up. The cold air is filled with the smell of gas and smoke. "Little Boy," (the nickname for one of two atom bombs available for use against Japan), According to John Hersey's Enola Gay's engines roar like lions before battle. The lift-off is successful. Inside the super fortress engineers give life to the WMD. Radio comes in "Hiroshima is clear, we deliver in 20." The levers are pulled and in seconds thousands of innocent people die. The age of nuclear warfare has begun and more than half a decade later it still hasn't finished.
             The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn't just kill thousands; it reshaped the nature of war. Before the events of August 6, 1945, men didn't have the power to commit genocide with a push of a button. This "power" didn't just change the way foreign engagements were conducted but how they are now executed. Parents cannot send their children to sleep without the threat of them not waking up because of the insecurity of men. Over 90 countries in the world have nuclear weapons ready to fire. 28 of those countries are currently at war. Some of those countries include Pakistan, Ukraine and Syria who are under extreme rule or no rule at all. This should risk is somehow always undermined and that ignorance might destroy the lives of so many or even destroy humanity entirely. .
             In an afternoon they could lay waste much of the earth and end human civilization. The weapons currently held by nine nations are the equivalent of 150,000 times the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. The statistics are very clear but we still don't do anything about it. We've tried however it simply just failed and many just ignored it. A treaty signed by many countries including the U.

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