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Disadvantages of Legalizing Guns in America

            It is doubtless that gun legalization in the United States has many benefits, but like the two sides of a coin, there are disadvantages that come with legalization. America today records the highest number of suicides and homicides among the developed nations. With many guns being acquired quite easily via legalization, homicides and suicides are likely to increase significantly. Alarming statistics each year indicate that more than thirty thousand people die and this includes children, women and men (Weil and Bill 43). What is more shocking is that from the thirty thousand deaths, one thousand and five hundred people are as a result of accidental shooting (Cook, Molliconi and Cole 88).
             It is undeniable that precautions should be taken to ensure that citizens issued with guns are of clean record. Suppose one is issued with a gun today with sane mind, what precautions are taken to ensure such a person maintains his or her sanity? Legalization of guns is flawed in this aspect because when a person issued with a gun goes berserk in public, the result is quite disastrous was the case in the Virginia Tech incident of 2007 and the Columbine High School killings of 1999 in Colorado. Block and Block (289) say, "Lethal violence, even in self defense, only engenders more violence." Guns and more guns in the hands of civilians are detrimental to security since they lead to a high rise in homicides, crime, violence, and suicides. Increasing the availability of guns through gun legalization, the American society can expect nothing short of more deaths and injuries (Homsher 113).
             Mortality has increased due to having many guns in circulation. Guns that are kept at home put children at risk because out of curiosity, children have mishandled these guns resulting to deaths and injuries. Other parents are naturally careless and should be blamed for the circumstances they put their children in.

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