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Fong Ma Po Public Toilet - Award-Winning Toilet

            Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree is a famous tourism point in Hong Kong. The development of this tourism point has grown a lot since last few years. Visitors from different countries visit Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree during the New Year Holiday. There are events and shopping streets during the traditional Chinese New Year. In order to make this visiting point be more perfect, the government decided to build a toilet near the temple in the village. Apart from the Wishing Tree, this Fong Ma Po Public Toilet has become one of the famous spot in the village. Fong Ma Po Public Toilet has become the second runner-up of the Best Toilet Competition in 2006. Apart from the facilities inside the public toilet, it is also significant by the use of design elements and principles.
             Since the toilet is near to the temple and Wishing Tree, visitors can easily find this toilet and it is very convenient. The location of this toilet is well planed to be convenient as well as not affecting the villagers' daily life. The regular shape of the toilet structure includes three parts. The middle part is a open form garden, and some plants are grown there with the award to introduce the toilet. It also separates the male and female washroom, where the male is on the left and the female is on the right. People can take rest in the middle of the toilet. This open form design can make the air circulation flow better. This also helps to decrease the annoying smell in the toilet. Because of this clean and fresh environment, visitors love this toilet even after nine years.
             The open form structure of Fong Ma Po Public Toilet is mainly applied color and line as the important art elements. The walls that are around the toilet are made by concrete and painted by white. It is successfully to create a sense of cleanness and simpleness. On the roof, there are plenty of black tiles that are the traditional Chinese architecture element, it is unified with the cultural background of the Wishing Tree.

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