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Toilet Training Children

            The objective of this article is to stress the importance of positive toilet training and the partnership between child, parent and caregiver, while introducing and proceeding with the milestone of toilet training. .
             For most children, toilet training is seen as intimidating and mysterious. Children can't quite grasp the concept of placing their bare bottoms onto a cold bowl, full of water, with the ability to make things disappear.
             Toilet training is a three-way partnership. Parents do it with their child, not to their child. The caregiver works with the parent to create consistency, as the child feels comfortable with both figures and cooperates with this learning process. Parents and Caregivers need to keep in mind that toilet training comes along naturally and easily if they work as a team with child. It is also important to remember to let the child be in charge of their new accomplishment, using the toilet. This can be a very emotional time for both parents and the child. For most parents, they find this milestone emotionally difficult; being their "baby" is becoming independent. For children, the process of using the toilet comes only from love and trust between child, parent and caregiver.
             There are many ways of introducing the concept and language of "toilet training" to children. Through reading stories, watching others, videos and casual conversations, most children master this art by age three. These materials will help to teach children which words are used to discuss toilet training functions; how males and females use the toilet, and that "Big Kids" and adults use the toilet too. In the setting of most Nursery Schools or Day Care centers, the washrooms are set up in a manner that allows children to watch others use the toilet, in hopes that the children watching will model their actions and want to explore this new concept.

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