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Reaching for a Lifetime of Success

            "Go for your dreams, my little princess. Nothing is too big that you cannot achieve because Po Po believes in you." These were one of those last words from my late Po Po (which means grandmother in Mandarin) to me. Po Po was very dear to me and she had truly left a deep impression on me until today. As a young girl, my Po po would take care of me when my parents were away at work. She would tell me all kinds of stories, both fairytales and also her real life experiences, having lived a hard life when she was young. She had also thought me good values that truly moulded me to who I am today. .
             When I was a young girl, I had all kinds of ideal ideas about life. At six, I dreamt of being a Cinderella, a fairy tale princess that lives happily ever after. Whenever I told my Po Po that, she would just smile and nod her head. Sometimes, she would just say, "You are already a princess, my dear." As time went on, little did I realise that this world is that rosy all the time. Not all girls lived happily ever after. I remembered coming home with tears in my eyes one day after school. I rushed to my Po Po's room at the back of my rented home. I told her, "Po Po, I do not want to go to school anymore. Everyone is making fun of me." Po Po gave me a smile and said, "Sshhhh, do not cry, my little princess. Wipe away your tears and Po Po will tell you a story of a girl just like you." I stopped crying almost instantly. I took a seat beside her and listened attentively.
             Once upon a time, there was a young little girl who had big dreams but her family was too poor to support her. She grew up in the slums of Perak Lane in Penang, a place of prostitutes and drug addicts. Her father passed away when she was two and her mum ended up being a gambler. As a result, this young girl was deprived of a loving home and had to find income to support herself and her mother at a very young age.

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