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Business Success Strategies

            The physics definition of success could be described as a complex energy field that has individual and collective components. Everything is energy, so that means we are energy. Energy changes things so we were put on this earth to change things that we encounter. During my time in Success Strategies I have learned that there are nine specific energy fields that all successful people have in common. Those energy fields are: 1) Be here, 2) Pursue Excellence, 3) Recognize and use the power of words, 4) Have super definitive goals, 5) Pursue wisdom, 6) Understand money, 7) Health, 8) Good Relationships, and 9) Collective Efforts/ Networking. .
             The first complex energy field that all successful people share is being here now. That could be described as living in the present, not the future or past. Such as trying to do things for the now, instead of living in the past or even trying to do stuff for the future. Wherever one is at, they must be there. By being attentive and understanding your surroundings, you can live in the present. Because when one lets their mind wander, you will start thinking about the past or even the future, which is not "being here now" behavior. I practice living in the now during my baseball games. When I start the game, I try not to think to far into the game, but rather take it at-bat to at-bat. I don't want to think to far ahead or else I'll get off track and maybe swing and miss or make an error in the field, which could be catastrophic to the team, so I take it play-by-play.
             The second complex energy field is pursuing excellence. Pursuing excellence is very important because one must shoot for the very best that they can achieve. Our capabilities are limitless, but some people choose to settle for less and limit themselves. In a student's standpoint, they go to class regularly and are on time, moreover than not. They take advantage of any extra credit opportunities and demonstrate that they care about their grade.

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