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Defining the Truth

            What is truth? Ask a million people and over a million different answers one will receive . Truth can be described in more ways than one can imagine. Truth is all relative. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, every eye perceives beauty to exist in varying degrees. One may share the same beauties with another person and that is what love is about. Truth is defined by seeing, facts and by what you believe. Many people have many different views on certain subjects. While usually there are those who are in favor, neutral or against the topic, the lines are clear. Truth is viewed completely different by one another because not everyone shares the exact same upbringing. In "Shooting Dad", the rhetor always saw guns as these loud things that kept her dad busy all day. She was not particularly favored for guns like her sister and father. She associated the guns with her fathers obsession for them rather then their beauty. Seeing isn't always completely black or white because people can learn to love something out of hate. The daughter fell in love with the canon which was her fathers greatest feat. He was proud of his canon and it brought her daughter closer to him. She saw guns as a negative, spent some with them and ended up seeing the beauty in the. Beauty is not defined but a constant that exist. Beauty is out there to be found. Go look for it and let it consume all the time in your world.
             Facts are only true to believers. There are certain groups of people who don't believe parts of history. Actual accounts of history that are documented and occurred are completely disregarded. Facts are established but what does it matter if it isn't accepted by the audience it is proclaimed to. In the "Allegory of the Cave" they believed that the shadows they saw are what the things they saw actually look like. All they knew were shadows until freed. They later saw that there was more than the shadows.

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