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Saladin - Hero of the Third Crusades

            Of the few heroes of the Middle Ages, there was one named Saladin, an Arab warrior destined for greatness. Today, he is known for defeating the Christians on the Third Crusade, bringing long awaited peace to The Middle East. Living by his words, Saladin was a man of piety and faith who loved nothing more than his religion, and he fought for it as hard as he could, changing the hearts of his opponents for the better. Saladin was like a panther, sleek, graceful, and elegant, but he was also deadly, and ready to kill when it needed to be done. Ever since he was little, Saladin was taught about jihad or holy war, this was how the Muslims viewed the Crusades but it also meant that war wasn't necessarily bad if you were fighting in God's name and you didn't spill blood that wasn't needed. Throughout his whole life, Saladin lived by this principle. Although Saladin was a feared warrior, he was known for his honor and integrity.
             Saladin's early years later served him as a base for education, both in piety and war tactics. He was born in Tikrit, Mesopotamia in 1137 as Yusuf, his honorific name being Salah-al-Din. After the military governor of Tikrit banished Saladin's family, they went away and moved to Damascus, Syria. He soon began studying and grew fond of the Islamic world, becoming a devoted believer. According to Burhan, Saladin was highly affected by Sufism, a school of Islam in which principles such as chivalry, piety, nobility and justice were always kept close. Several people claim that Saladin was more interested in religion than in the military, but with the Crusades revolving around him, he was involved in an environment which forced him to become a tough warrior. He began his training at an early age, under the teachings of his uncle Asad al-Din Shirkuh. After years and years of training, he became one of the best warriors of the age.He had his first expedition at the age of 26, when he went to Egypt, but his first major role, was in a battle against the Crusaders, where he commanded the right wing of the army, as a result, it was a major victory.

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