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Love Can Change Everything

            My father and I disagreed about my future, but after a year we understood each other like Danzy Senna and her grandmother in "The Color of Love". My father is a Vietnamese traditional man who does everything for his family, majestic, a firm mainstay of his family, make them listen to him and always teach children about the value of culture and traditional and made them remember their homeland, where they came from. He is a police officer and he is quite short temper. I am an obedient daughter, I was always listening to my father. He always showed me the way to grow up, chose my school and taught me to follow the traditional thing in my culture. When I read " The Color of Love" by Danzy Senna, Danzy's grandmother has the same old-fashion thinking.
             When I was 16 years old, I choose nurse become my job in the future because I love to take care of people, also when I become a good nurse, I can take care of my family. At that time, I wished I can study abroad to make myself more confident and grow up. Also, I can study more about the other country, other people and learn more about my major: Nursing. I always think about it and I tried to find the best way to follow what I want. Until the years I became a seventeen girl, I found the way to go to the United States of America to study. I found every information about the college I want to study, Edmond Community College is a good college can match with my case. After studying in this college, I can transfer to the University of Washington to study my major. When I get all my information I want, I came to talk with my father and my mother.
             I really happy because my mother said "Yes" when I told her. But unfortunately, my father said "No," it made me feel disappointed and angry. I spent a lot of my time to get all the information, try to explain to my father because I know he is an important person who can decide I can go or not, but he said "You can follow what I told you to grow up, you can do the same job with me because it's the best way for you to succeed in the future, also for your life.

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