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Is Love Real?

            Is love real? Or an elaborate illusion in the complex lives of teenagers?.
             You can really offend a teenager by labeling their affections as "puppy love- or "ONLY infatuation- and they have every right to protest. Just because a teenager may lack the experience and street sense that an adult has doesn't make their feelings any less legitimate. Should you scoff at the teen who claims that they are in love is the equivalent of mocking the face of love itself.
             I was there myself once .ok, a few times. I would have fit amongst those teens who call themselves "the romantics- because, let's face it, I fell "in love- more times than Madonna changes hairdos. I remember many flights of fancy and momentary lapses of consciousness followed by standing in my only pool of lust-slobbering drool. I remember the confusion, the rejections, and the feelings of self-doubt that reared its ugly head in accordance to members of the opposite sex. And of course, there was my real first love, whom I met and started going steady with shortly after I began attending high school. To this day, I can't really define why I was so adamant at the time that he was "the one."" Contrary to popular belief, love isn't something that is attained at any particular time and place; love is something that is fundamentally wired into our brains from the moment we are born to the moment we take our last breath. .
             Despite my parents' insistence that my boyfriend was "a bad deal,"" I rebelled their opinions and continued a relationship with him that lasted 3 years. They insisted that I was blind and nave and that I was suffering from some sort of teenage disillusionment where I knew everything and all of the adults were idiots. I was very self-righteous about my new-found relationship. I knew that I wasn't exactly knowledgeable about adult things, but I KNEW what love was and I knew also that it felt GOOD. How DARE they say that it wasn't real!.

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