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Four Waves of Immigration in New Zealand

            There are four main waves of New Zealand that contributed New Zealand from the present to now. The first wave is The Original Polynesians, the second wave is Colonial European, the third wave is the European Refugees and Pacific Islanders, and the forth wave is the Asian, South African and Zimbabweans. They built up New Zealand culture.
             New Zealand was originally settled by the original Polynesians. The original Polynesians discovered New Zealand around 900 to 1200 A.P. They developed a distinct Māori culture. Some of the push factors are there was pressure on food and land, lead to hostile conflict between groups. The islands they used to live is over population, so they decided to move. The pull factor is the usable land and flightless birds. There were less predator in New Zealand. There were more natural resources and more food. The original Polynesians now known as Māori. They lived in New Zealand years and years, they made up there own culture. They are the largest ethnic group. They have an Oral culture. They were carving wood and made canoes to travel overseas. They made Tiki up of wood as well. They speak Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori language. Maori is famous as their tattoos. Tiki is one of the traditional pendant Maori wear. .
             The second wave of migrations is the Colonial Europeans. They moved into New Zealand from 1840's to 1920's. There were lots of homeless people and hunger in Europe. Harsh punishment from the government, grimy polluted cities and poor living condition create the push factors of this wave of migration. The pull factors are usable land, job opportunities, resources and the egalitarian. The colonial Europeans brings lots of sport activities, such as hockey, cricket, rowing, netball, and rugby. English became the main language of New Zealand. Their religion is Christianity. It also joined into New Zealand culture, so that they built presbyterian churches. British legal system is used.

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